Friday, February 10, 2006
The first post is the deepest
Well, here we are - and I doubt there are many of you who are reading this but I feel better assuming that there is. This blog is intended to do that most basic of thing - chronicle my current life online. However, I shall be doing it quite cryptically through the use of a sheep called Gerald.

I am of the firm belief that a picture paints a thousand words; however, the only picture I can draw is of sheep and basic household objects. Therefore, I have to hope that the events that occur in my life involve sheep and basic household objects.

Gerald was 'born' during my first year at university as a means of escaping from the level of work (little did I know how little work I was actually doin
g). Since his birth, many other characters have appeared or have been dreamt of. So, for your enjoyment, here is the complete list of character that may, or may not, be encountered on this journey we call life.

Gerald: The original sheep. Semi-based on my own life, Gerald is a mild-mannered easy going sheep who finds himself often confused with situations he has got himself into. Moreover, Gerald is very dependant upon others - but finds himself often alone. This is soon overcome by finding something new to do. (Many people are disturbed by Gerald's apparent lack of ears - this is not something that should be worried abou
t. Gerald is not deaf).

Andrea: Andrea is Gerald's sister. Andrea's distinguishing feature is that she is the only sheep with ears. Andrea is very feminine - something that Gerald does not relate to easily. Although Andrea does not appear regularly, Gerald is safe in the knowledge that she is there and can be called upon if needed.

Brian: Brian is Gerald's brother (ages are irrelevant in this world). Brian's distinguishing mark is a forever-present black eye that makes him look a
little evil. Brian is not the most well behaved sheep in the world, but nevertheless rarely crosses the line into actually getting into trouble. Bizarrely, Brian appeared in the very first Gerald the Sheep cartoon - before it was realised that Gerald had a more appealling character.

Isaac: Isaac is a duck. Moreover, Isaac is a gay duck. Isaac is also Gerald's best friend. Gerald does not have a problem with Isaac's sexuality, b
ut rarely mentions it just in case he finds that he does have a problem. Isaac is a bit of a party-goer and likes to be noticed. However, at the same time Isaac is a kind and caring duck who will always put others before himself. Gerald and Isaac are a good team.

Jeremy: Jeremy is a pig, and is also a good friend of Gerald's. However, Jeremy rarely appears because I can not easily draw pigs. Jeremy is wise and patient - but can also be a little dull. For this reason, Gerald will only ever talk to Jeremy if he really needs to.

Ronald: Ronald is the black sheep who lives down the lane. Gerald finds his personality a little annoying, and so will try to avoid him if possi
ble. Ronald has never featured in a Gerald the Sheep cartoon.

That's all the characters so far. You may be a little disturbed at how well I know them. The simple answer to this is that they are all partially based on people I know in reality. I mentioned earlier that Gerald is partially based on myself - but the other characters are based on people who will remain as secret as the combination of herbs and spices on a piece of chicken from KFC.

As this is the first blog from me (and Gerald), I shall leave you with the first ever Gerald the Sheep cartoon:

Gerald arrives at the Wolve's annual Fancy Dress Party

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